Day Two Paradise

For the past ten years I have longed to return to the pristine white sand and turquoise water of the beach in Nassau Bahamas.  There was something quite serene about it; unlike the many other beaches I have visited since becoming an young adult.  The methodic swell of the water as it slowly makes its way inward all while being too shy to touch the edge of the shore for fear of ruining the perfect carpet like look.

The hum of the breeze as it grazes the reef, the beautiful songs of the pelicans as they dance around in the sun baked sky dipping and looping about while lovers totally oblivious to their surroundings become completely engrossed in one another.  It is here at this quiet place; one of the most perfect places in the world; free from scrutiny and invading looks that I am at peace.  Total peace.  Breathe deep; exhale…ahhh…again; deeper – exhale…ahhh.  Feel that?

The natural rhythm of both the ocean and my heart joined in the ebb and flow of nature.  The effortless rise and fall of my chest and the feeling of total unabated bliss lull me into a state of conscious laziness with no fear of being unproductive.  I can stay here forever, well maybe a couple of more days at least.

This beach is my solitude, my fortress, my rock and the place I revisit almost daily in my mind whenever I need a break from the hustle and bustle of life.  It only takes ten minutes or so and did I mention that I can load into my mind the soothing sounds of the ocean waves and soft music on command to accompany me on my mental journey?

Just in case you’re wondering, if I ever happen upon a time machine with the ability to transport myself anywhere in the world; that place would be Nassau, Bahamas on a little quiet strip of white sand and turquoise water with the sunlight dancing in the distance and the waves and my heart in sync. Paradise!


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