Day 3 Purple Haze


I came of age in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when a rebel by the name of Prince Rogers Nelson or simply Prince burst onto the music scene. In a crowded field with great artist like Michael Jackson with his debut solo album Off The Wall, Prince stood out because he was fine, could sing and did I mention he was fine?

My first love I can still see the poster on my bedroom wall; him completely naked sitting on a white horse pegasus actually with his permed hair styled with a part right down the middle.  They were beautiful, he and the horse staring back at me, blushing giddy even – every time I look at them.

My father thought it was absolutely ridiculous; a grown man sitting naked on a white horse, I mean who did he think he was?  But it didn’t matter to me what anybody thought about it, it was my private space; my world and I was free to play his album on my record player over and over and over until the grooves started to wear too deep and I had to get some alcohol and rub it on the vinyl to make it smooth out some.

I drove my family crazy!  January 1984 and Purple Rain is playing in all the theaters; never mind that the acting was terrible because the music was fabulous.  Watching Mr. badass in all his purple greatness prance across the huge movie screen (in technicolor) did I mention that he was fine?

Oh my goodness I have got to have a purple room I begged my father (I’m a daddy’s girl) and so we went to Sherwin Williams to find the perfect shade of royalty for my walls and sears to get carpet for my floor.  Now I can lay on my purple shag floor and look at my purple walls while listening to His Royal Highness!

I would switch back and forth between Little Red Corvette, When Dove’s Cry, 1999 and Purple Rain until I fell asleep and wake up the next day and do it again.  Michael Jackson’s MTV world debut of Thriller a month earlier was a distant memory.  Michael who?


10 responses to “Day 3 Purple Haze

  1. I laughed out loud…because I can relate. Though I wasn’t around during Prince’s heydays I know all too well what it means to be a “fangirl”.

    A very entertaining piece, and easy to read 🙂


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