Day 5 “Message in a Bottle”

message in a bottle

While on a trip to Bermuda a group of friends and I discovered a bottle floating in the water.  It was trapped beneath some debris and thick brush that had overgrown from the edge of the shoreline. At first we thought it was a prank or something children had left behind after playing on the beach. But a closer look revealed that this bottle had been there for a long time. The color of the glass, the salt deposits in the neck of the bottle and the haphazardly folded piece of paper that was jammed into it.  We were faced with a dilemma; should we open the bottle and read the note or turn it in to the local authorities?
WPLG Local 10 | Miami News,
Coming up on New at 5 …A message in a bottle!
“Could this be the missing piece to a story about a couple that disappeared 30 years ago. The message is addressed to a John Bass from the Miami area. John, if you are watching or if anyone knows how to reach him, please call the news station at 305-555-1212.”
John uncorks the bottle and removes the message unrolling the piece of torn paper that its written on.
John hands the message to Jennifer for her to read it because he is too nervous.
Jennifer reading aloud  “To our son, John Bass. There was a storm, our ship was destroyed. Don’t know how long we can survive… If this message reaches you… please send help!
We love you, mom and dad.”



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