Day 11 “Size Doesn’t Matter”

The small basement windows were just above ground level and sometimes water would get in when it rained.  The lush green thick grass in both the front and backyard reminded me of carpeting. Always cool to my feet, I loved taking off my shoes and playing barefoot in it.  I would run and turn one, two, three, four cartwheels in a row, or play king of the hill; “how many times have I told ya’ll to stay out of my flower bed”?  “I’m gonna king your hill” my mom would yell at us kids.
We  would just laugh and play dodge ball against the fence or climb the tree and eat the apples without washing them off.  I know I must’ve eaten plenty of worms when I was a kid.  Raspberries, Cranberries and a Grapevine, oh my!  It was so much fun growing up in the little country town of Inkster, Michigan. Three small bedrooms (actually 2 bedrooms and a converted living room after my dad and uncles installed a wall and door to give my brothers their own room when we outgrew the trundle bed).
There is a small but functional bathroom equipped with a clothes chute to drop the dirty clothes to the basement laundry hamper.  Boy did I drop a little bit of everything down that chute!  Saturday mornings were spent mowing the grass, washing down the baseboards and sometimes washing the awnings and screen doors.
“Wake up!”  “Looney Tunes is on” my older brother said, “I wanna watch Speed Racer” whines my younger brother, “Well I want to watch Josie and The Pussy Cats” I’d say.  “If ya’ll don’t shut up all that noise, ain’t nobody watching nothing” said mom.  “Shhhh, see what you did”.
The first time my kids saw my childhood home, they could not believe how small it was in comparison to where they live now nor could they grasp how can anyone could live in a house that didn’t have a “playroom or a TV room”.  I just smiled and said “it may be small to you but it was home to me”.

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