What’s your driving personality?

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photo source: fhwa.dot.gov 

I’m curious as to how a person’s driving behavior corresponds to their behavior with everything else.  For instance, when you’re driving on the expressway and someone is in front of you not necessarily driving too slow, but just in front of you; do you go around them and then get right in front of them as soon as you pass them?
What about when you’re driving in the left lane of a two lane road and someone has to turn left and merge into traffic; do you get over to the right lane and let the merging car into the lane or do you make that person wait until you have passed the area before they can merge into traffic?  How about this one, you drive really close to the bumper of the car/truck in front of you.
In other words you’re a tailgater (and not the one associated with ball games). Do you mosey along taking your sweet time enjoying the view along the way even when it’s not Sunday?  Do other motorist pass you honking loudly while giving you mean stares and mouthing obscenities.  All of these driving styles I think are indicative of our real personalities.
Some of us are uptight or always in a hurry, it could be the reason we can’t let anyone merge into traffic.  Some are just competitive as in not wanting anyone in front of us, some people are perpetually late and possibly it is the reason we are driving so close to the car in front of us, as if to make them move faster.
Then there are the calm and relaxed people, who are in no hurry and are just enjoying the day and what life has to offer; it might be why they are driving so slow.
Take a moment a think about what your driving personality is; do you like the answer?




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