Let Food Be Your Medicine!



We all remember being told as children to eat our vegetables because they are good for you. Well our parents were onto something. Years ago people cooked more at home and often included veggies fresh from someone’s garden. But over the years those things have become somewhat of a distant memory as convenient “fast food” has taken a front row seat over fresh home “slow cooked” meals.

But this convenience come with a price; and more often than not the price is poor health, obesity and a host of degenerative diseases that all stem from a poor diet rich in fats and sugars and no nutritive value.From all parts of the world different cultures have used foods as medicine. For instance omega3-oils found in fish can be used to treat depression, Garlic can boost the immune system, Kiwi’s and blue berries with there high anti-oxidant properties are an excellent way to stave off colds.

Green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach and chard are high in amino acids that help in producing the much needed protein that our bodies need in order to metabolize the food into energy. Apples contain quercetin also an anti-oxidant and are loaded with fiber that aids in digestion. Sweet potatoes have been known to reduce blood sugar and helps maintain blood glucose levels if eaten regularly. Nature has provided man with a host of natural medicines aka fruits and vegetables. They just have to make it from the grocer or local farmer’s market to our tables.

Take a look at this amazing video!


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