How to Obtain Healthy Hair and Skin


Healthy Hair and skin is the result of a good diet consisting of whole foods, fruits and vegetables and plenty of water and exercise as well as the proper care and tools.  Let’s examine a little closer what hair is. Hair is composed of primarily keratin protein, lipids and water.  The protein controls the hair’s general appearance and it’s ability to absorb water and chemicals and its overall strength.
Keratin contains 18 amino acids: Alanine       Arginine      Aspartic Acid     Cyste Cystine     Clutamic Acid     Glycine     Histidine     Isoleucine     Leucine   Lysine   Methionine   Phenylalanine   Proline     Serine     Threonine Tyrosine and  Valine.
The hair shaft consist of 3 layers: medulla, cortex and cuticle. The medulla is the innermost layer of the hair shaft and is typically found in thick coarse hair.  People with naturally blond or fine hair don’t have this inner space in their hair shafts.
The cortex is the innermost portion of the hair shaft if the medulla is absent and makes up the largest percentage of the hair fiber and  where the hair’s pigmentation or color is found.
And finally the cuticle is made of up to 11 sheaths of cells arranged like shingles on a roof. The thicker the hair the more overlapping layers there are.
Healthy hair depends on having healthy cuticles.  Relaxers, hair coloring, excess heat and oil stripping shampoos all contribute to damaged and tattered cuticles which make the hair appear ragged, frizzy and dull. You must first reverse this damage by pampering your hair. Protein and/or Keratin treatments can help to restore the moisture/protein balance of your strands.
It is important to limit the amount of heat and/or chemicals you put on your hair in order to give it time to repair itself.  It is also important to ensure that your hair has the proper amount of oils also known as sebum, The best way to accomplish this is to start with the right nutrition.
Your hair and scalp require the right combination of nutrients as does your body.  A diet rich in whole foods with plenty of fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds and lean protein will transform limp and dull hair to vibrant, voluminous shiny strong hair.

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