Boob Tube

Is anybody else tired of all of the (air quotes) reality shows?  Now I am not someone that even watches these heavily scripted, fake shows and have never watched them (none of them).  But apparently someone is…because every time I turn around a there’s a new one even dumber and more crass than the previous one.  These shows all have something in common; they appeal to the lowest common denominator in people.

They appeal to that very basic human flaw; the need to know that somewhere there is someone that is worse off than ourselves.  We’ve all heard the phrase “misery loves company” and this is why I believe so many people are vegging out in front of their huge flat panel, smart, 3D interactive TV screens.  Because ‘misery loves company’ and it’s fun and entertaining to watch other people’s drama.  It sort of gives us/them a reprieve from our/their own drama filled-miserable at times lives.

Now I’m not saying that ALL unreality shows are mind numbing dribble, just a good amount of them are and at the very least should not to be taken seriously. Who cares about… plug in any city Housewives, or So you think you can dance/sing/got talent/have a voice/B rated star in a ballroom! I remember when prime time television used to be good; when there was pleasure in watching something that you knew was fantasy, make believe and made up.  Everybody knew that the only thing real about the shows on TV was the actors themselves, not the parts they were playing.

But now people really think that grown women fight each other or 20 women actually compete at the same time for one ineligible bachelor. Somehow we’ve been reduced tricked into thinking that we wanna watch how people in rural parts of this country raise their children and push them to pursue a career in beauty pageants. It just doesn’t make for interesting TV. But I blame Survivor for this nonsense.

When the networks saw that people wanted to watch a bunch of grown men and women rolling around on the ground with their faces painted, forming so called alliances and eating bugs and rodents; I’m sure they scratched their collective heads in disbelief at the sheer insanity of it all, and then immediately ordered 20 more of the same.  It’s time for an intervention of epic proportions; a coming together of the minds, hearts and souls of the viewing public to stand up and all say together:


6 responses to “Boob Tube

  1. He he! Good luck with that! 🙂 It’s all about money and if you dumb down the education system and perpetuate that dumbness throughout society and media – well, there’s a lot of money to be made! How starkly this was shown in your own industry not so many years back with the foreclosure misery, that yes the elite created but the dumb put it on their shoulders and ran with.


    • Tell me about it, then the talking heads came up with the meme that “poor people caused the crash because they bought houses that they couldn’t afford”. No amount of bad mortgages (at least the ones that poor people can qualify for; interest only or otherwise) would cause this kind of financial collapse. But as usual blame it on the least of the least and make the poor bastards clean up the mess that they/we didn’t create.


      • You make a really interesting point that I hadn’t even considered, ” No amount of bad mortgages (at least the ones that poor people can qualify for; interest only or otherwise) would cause this kind of financial collapse. ” – Of course it makes it easier to punish the serfs while the elite get off with multi million dollar retirement packages as a punishment (whilst continuing to work anyway).

        Come to think of it, where do I sign up for one of these jobs? Lol!


      • You’ll have to get in line behind me! 🙂 This is just the “same ole song” no accountability for the rich and powerful. We should be demanding jail time for them all!


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