Flu Shot Anyone?


Influenza A Pandemics 

Image courtesy of Google


What happens to all the flu shots that we get every year?  I know they’re supposed to protect us by helping our bodies build up antibodies towards the virus….thereby rendering us better capable of fighting the virus when, if it rears its ugly head.  But what happens to all of this stored up lab created strains of viral infections meant to be used as an army of antigens to fight against the mighty enemy INFLUENZA? Webster’s dictionary defines an antigen as any substance that can stimulate the production of antibodies and combine specifically with them.  

My question is are all of these antibodies combining with each other year after year and if so what are they fighting? Do they just lay dormant in our bodies waiting patiently for the enemy to show up like a thief in the night or do they just eventually attack each other – triggered by who knows what while reaping unknown damage to our immune systems?

What do you think?


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