Welcome to my Blog

I started this blog for many reasons….one of them being that I like to hear myself talk and thereby assume that other people will like it too and secondly, because it’s a nice break from a constant barrage of things that I have to do for everyone else in that it provides me with a place to just peel back the curtains, remove the mask and be completely honest and lastly, why not?

Every since I was about fifteen I realized that I had a different way of looking at things and would often wonder (sometimes out loud) what was wrong with me? Why did I have to be the one out of my friends who was clearly different; you know the type, somewhere between weird and cute or at the corner of nerdy but athletic.  I was always a tomboy and it didn’t help that I only had brothers and almost no other girls on my block.

So if I wanted to go out and play like all the other kids of my generation (something most kids nowadays don’t do but I digress…) then I had to play with my brothers and a group of boys.  I quickly became one of them and learned to suck up the tears if I fell off my bike, or skinned up my knee while trying to learn to ride my skateboard.

I became good at sports especially basketball and track (I could out run the best of ’em) and often did.  Little did I know this would not come in handy when I entered high school; there was no shortage of cute but spunky girls nor was there any guys lining up to be outrun on the track or beat at a game of one on one basketball.

But what did I do? Yes you guessed it; I did what we as women always do….I pretended to not be as good and let the boys and some girls beat me in gym class and during basketball and track practice.

This behavior unbeknownst to me started a pattern of “going along to get along”, something that took me to reach my 50th birthday to finally decide that I wasn’t going to play nice anymore.

I had finally decided that it was time for me to do EXACTLY what I want to do (including what topics I blog about) even if it means that I am going to be the only person reading my post!

I’m tired of reading all of the online news sites that are just reposting/re-blogging articles/news and sometimes they don’t even change the title of the article. Now I can no more dictate which of these sites accept my articles than I can dictate when the sun should shine and this is how “So I Started This Blog” was born.

Okay, let me give you fair warning; you have entered the “opinion zone”.  Some of the post here will simply be my opinion sprinkled with some facts here and there but my opinion nonetheless.  As I’ve already stated; I like hearing myself talk and I hope you will too.


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